What is a Backlink Profile audit?

backlink profile audit

Search engines have several ways to determine which website is best to rank for a keyword. One of them is “authoritativeness” meaning which site has the most authority in the topic related to that keyword. Authority is built via high quality content and by recommendations done through links from external sites. Links from different sites carry different weight, a popular site such as bbc.co.uk will carry a “stronger vote” than a new blog site with one page with no web traffic.

Good vs Bad Links

The best links to get are links with authority and that are on topic. If you have a pet-store you’d want links from pages that speak about topics directly or related to Pets. Some exceptions apply to news and bloggers.

In the SEO world bad links are links that are coming from low quality sites or sites that provide no value. Some of these sites’ only purpose was to create links to other sites in order to try to “hack the system”. In 2012 Google released the “Google Penguin Algorithm Update” that targeted these link manipulation tactics and link spam. Sites caught trying to fool the system have been punished by Google (Penalized) by being either de-index (removed from Google result pages) u dropped down in rankings.

Either due to bad practices from previous SEOs or sometimes because of a malicious competitor, your site (backlink profile) ends up being made up of harmful or potentially harmful links. This is where the “Backlink Profile Audit” comes in. The backlink audit checks the quality of the backlinks that you have received throughout your website’s timeline, it identifies good and bad links. It also gives a metric (Domain Authortiy, TrustFlow/CitationFlow) that gives you an indication of how strong your backlink profile is. Using the backlink profile audit you can identify and then remove the harmful links and also get an overview of which pages generated good backlinks.

Moz Metrics

Moz Metrics

Majestics Metrics

Majestic metrics
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