Why is Google My Business so Important? [2020]

Google My Business or GMB in short has been around since June 2014. It has helped business around the globe drive traffic to websites and offline stores with a simple sign up process. Studies have shown that 49% of the businesses have received more than 1,000 page views per month.

We’re going to highlight some of the key benefits for setting up your Google My Business account. If you would like to know how to setup Google My Business here’s a step by step video tutorial.

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Is Google My Business Free? How much does it Cost?

Yes, GMB is a tool that enhances your your exposure through Google Search Engine Pages, Google Maps and other Google related products. It is also considered essential to have Google My Business for local SEO. As of this date Google My Business is free, there have been rumours that Google might offer an upgraded version for $50 a month to selected businesses.

GMB Snippet on Google Search - Local SEO

Google My Business Snippet Example:

Google My Business Snippet Example

Photos/Videos – by adding photos of the your business, customers are more likely to attend your store and since they will know what to expect while visiting your store. In GMB, you can also add a 30 second video clip showcasing your venue or products/services that you are offering.

Google Maps Location – Google My Business allows you to add a pin to Google Maps which will help anyone searching for your place using either Google Search or Google Maps. This shows them the exact location of your business on a map while allowing navigation features should they require it.

Google Maps Example

Streetview – once location is set up, Google will automatically give a 360 degrees photo or view of the store’s front. This makes the place unmissable for anyone struggling to find the store around the pinned location.

Google Streetview Example

Google My Business Buttons

  • Website – self explanatory, a button that takes you to your website (make sure you submit the correct link!)
  • Directions – gives the users directions on their Google Maps app or on their browser
  • Save – this allows users to save it their location on Google Maps, they can find it in the saved section afterwords on the app
  • Call – dials in the business phone number on their phone, this acts as a quick call option plus saving the hassle of typing it in

Google Reviews – allows customers to write reviews for your business. Remember to check them often and to reply to any negative feedback in a professional manner. Users tend to prefer businesses with a high positive feedback rating.

Payment options – whether it’s “cash only” or if it accepts card payments

Contact Details

  • Directions from a popular place nearby
  • Address
  • Opening hours
  • Phone
  • Where to Book appointments (if any)
GMB Contact Details Example

Questions and Answers – GMB allows you to reach out to customers via questions and answers. This is very similar to an “FAQ section” but the questions are generated by possible visitors. Make sure to check this regularly.

Updates/Posts – this section allows you to posts any latest updates that you have about the store. This includes any announcements, new products and so on.

Offers (discount codes and promos) – Similar to “Updates”, GMB gives you the ability to enter offers and promos directly on Google My Business snippet which is an easy call to action for customers needing an extra push to visit your store or website.

Services/Product Listings – Want to give your visitors more information about your products and services? Here you’re able to enter your own catalogue of products or services that you are offering. There are some restrictions which include alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pharmaceuticals, unapproved supplements and health/medical devices, for more info visit Google My Business Help.

Does Google My Business help with SEO?

In short, yes. Google on their “Google My Business Help” pages specifically says “Providing and updating business information in Google My Business can help your business’s local ranking on Google and enhance your presence in Search and Maps” this means that without this information you will likely never outrank your competitors in local search. In turn, ranking for local search will automatically help you rank on an “international level” since providing good, consistent information about your business is considered one of the basic requirements for Search Engine Optimisation.

Why is Google My Business Important?

As I mentioned at the beginner of the article it is statistically proven that GMB drives traffic, helps with rankings, improves branding and exposure and helps with other small nuisances that can stop costumers from visiting your store, such as missing directions or information about the store.

Taking the few hours to setup GMB will be well worth your time for all the benefits you gain in return, all you require is a Google account and you’re good to go.